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Karpal Singh..

Karpal Singh – Otak Tahi Lembu kata Nazri.

Tahi Lembu for Sale – Is it the size of Karpal’s Brain? Just for measure.

I have been trying to write on this piece since I spotted an interesting piece from Malaysia News Network.net (Refer 1), on the 16th December 2010.

I never like him much though, solely because The Big Mouth Minister never respected Tun Mahathir. However on what he says about Karpal Singh, I have to admit that I had had to agree with him on this subject.

This is what Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, got to say about Karpal Singh, when Karpal would try to seek a judicial review over what he said was the abuse of power by Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia to suspend Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and three opposition lawmakers for six months.

“They have got cow dung in their heads. I assure you that if they take it to court it will be kicked out. What law did Karpal learn? He is a third-class lawyer,” Nazri told reporters.”

We are not going to discuss about judiciary system here because to me it is a rocket science. Now, what we have got here. Karpal got cow dung in his heads. Karpal is a third-class lawyer.

What else!!

Here is another one; Zaid - The Kaki Botol got his own personal opinion about Karpal. Zaid Ibrahim even calls him “a liar and a snake”. A wrote a piece on this subject a few days back, (Refer 2)

As a summary on Karpal’s head,

“Karpal  - The Third Class Lawyer” – (Lawyer Kelas Ke 3).

“Karpal  - The Cow Dung Head” – (Kepala Penuh Tahi lembu).

“Karpal  - The Liar” – (Penipu Pembohong)

“Karpal  - The Snake” – (Ulaq Berbelit-belit)

“Karpal  – The Biawak” – This is my own version.

It takes three great men YB Zulkifli Noordin, Nazri Aziz (only out of respect) and Zaid Ibrahim (well, not great actually, more on courageous) to finally take Karpal’s by the head and pinned him face down on the cow dung.

Why YB Zulkifli, you might have asked. He have been harpooning in Parliament and in his website on why is Karpal acting two-faced on the issues of  Karpal asking Anwar to be investigated by Tun Mahathir when the case of sodomy was first brought up on 5th August 1997 by Ummi Hafilda/Azizan. On the other hand when Anwar was sacked from all posts, Karpal made a U-turn supporting Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI). Then it took Zaid to finally give Karpal a knock down blow on his chameleon and traitor-attitude or rather more like a biawak behavior.

Here is the answer given by Karpal which I abstract from Kedah Time whom did not give me any reply (yet) when I asked Saudara Shubari where he got the news from for conformation.

Karpal says, “I did at that time, as an opposition MP, ask the allegations to be investigated”. (Refer 3).

What a lame duck excuses that never care much about morality and only about opposing, no matter right or wrong. No wonder Ummi Hafilda ‘di maki hamun, dicerca dan diludah” and Azizan’s pregnant wife got killed in a ramming car accident.

Anyone who associated with Karpal who defended drug addicts, rapers, sodomiser, gangsterism will be cursed for life!!!

Bastard !!!

Do we really trust our feature generations on this bastard’s hand?


Tanpa Nama berkata...

Dah tua nak mampoih daaaahhhh banggali niihhh... Kawasan Bukit Gelugur terbiar jeeeerrr..

1 Melayu berkata...

Benggali otak tahi lembu ni tunggu nak mampuih saja,kubur dah dok gamit dia,oooop ! benggali ditanam dalam kubur atau dibakar dengan tahi lembu ?

Karpal you are a real BASTARD BENGGALI Malaysian have ever seen.

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