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Artikel Tun : Keputusan Politik Sarawak


1. I would like to congratulate Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, the chairman of Barisan Nasional in Sarawak for the victory achieved by the party in the recent election.

2. Dato Seri Najib and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin also deserves to be congratulated. The two were on the ground campaigning almost throughout the whole campaign period. They worked very hard and they had good supporting staff from the Peninsular as well as Sarawak.

3. I congratulate the DAP for bringing its racist politics to Sarawak. Before this all races co-operated well with each other for the good of Sarawak. Now we see clearly that the Chinese community in Sarawak has rejected multi-racialism.
4. Perhaps the SUPP are at fault but others in the BN also committed many wrong things. But the rejection is almost entirely by the Chinese community.

5. They have become infected by the virus of Chinese racism that is the guiding principle of the DAP. In the past DAP was almost totally rejected in Sarawak.

6. The DAP will talk about Malaysian Malaysia i.e. Malaysia for all Malaysians. But its appeal had always been to the racialist sentiments of the Chinese. Those Chinese who reject the DAP seem to be considered as non-Chinese by the DAP.

7. Malaysia faces a grave danger of being divided by two parties - one Malay dominated by default and the other Chinese by choice. This will not be good for Malaysia. But this is what the DAP is striving for. A two-party system based on race will not contribute to stability much less national unity.

8. The presence of a few Malays in the DAP is just window dressing. It is the same as in Singapore where the PAP Government side lined their Malay supporters completely. The Malays make up 15 per cent of the island's population but their share of political power and wealth of this very prosperous nation is about one per cent. Of course Singapore is ruled by Singaporeans. The same would happen in Malaysia should the DAP rule this country. It would be ostensibly Malaysian.

9. I will be called a racist for pointing this out. For more than half a century the races in Malaysia had worked together to build the nation. The world saw stable BN Governments with power and wealth being shared by all races quite fairly. None of the races got everything that they considered they were entitled to - not the Malays, nor the Chinese, nor Indians, nor Ibans, Kadazans etc. All had to give up something. That is the essence of sharing.

10. Now the DAP has destroyed this power and wealth-sharing formula by separating the Chinese from the rest.

11. Soon we will be holding the 13th General Election. I pray and hope that the Sarawak pattern is not repeated in this beloved country. Let us all think carefully whether we want to split up this country or we are prepared to sacrifice something of our own in order to maintain the stability and growth through the BN coalition. 

Kedahtimes: Seperti Anjing Dengan Bayang-Bayang. Akhirnya pengundi Cina telah menetapkan bahawa Kerajaan Sarawak diperintah sepenuhnya oleh kaum bumiputra. Taib Mahmud perlu melantik kabinet beliau mengikut mandat yang ditentukan oleh pengundi di Sarawak, iaitu kerajaan 100% bumiputra. Alangkah bagusnya jika ini juga berlaku dalam PRU 13 nanti. 100% bumiputra dalam kerajaan atas pilihan kaum Cina sendiri.


Tanpa Nama berkata...

Hidup BN !!!

dzimba MMIM berkata...

mesti 100 % bumiputra kerana ini kehendak rakyat

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Kaum Cina sendiri memilih untuk tidakj bersama kerajaan, inilah masa nya untuk bangunkan bangsa peribumi tanpa apa apa halangan. BANGSA PERIBUMILAH YANG TELAH MENJADI PENGUNDI SETIA SEKIAN LAMNA...NAMUN MASIH KETINGGALAN DALAM BANYAK ASPEK TERUTAMA EKONOMI DAN PENDIDIKAN. Harap kerajaan pandang serius perkara ini agar pengundi pengundi setia ini tetap mengundi BN di masa hadapan

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