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Video Seks Tulin ...

1) The original version is about 22 minutes, in high definition, in proprietary i-catch format, converted to general format for playback with general video player. The youtube version is about 2 minute, low-definition and part of the face blurred by Anwar Supporters.

2) In the beginning, before Anwar & Eskay switch off all lights in the room, the i-Catch camera were recording in colour. That is why eskay shirt (green) and Anwar’s face are seen in color.

3) When Anwar switched off all lights (except bath room’s), then the i-catch CCTV technology automatically switched to night-vision mode. Hence, it became black-and-white.

4) i-Catch CCTV technology is very advance. The reason for the 4 cameras to be positioned close to each other is for the technology to process the vid with pixel-noise-cancelling software (algorithm), hence making the quality very clear.

5) Anwar has been proofed by many journalist not tweeting during the prostitute session. Only Anwar’s Supporter websites claimed he is tweeting..

6) About the big-belly issue. Everyone, including me, when captured in video will look “fatter” than we really are. That is very common problem with camera angle. Most cameras are not meant for Cinema/Movie Production. Furthermore, Anwar is not that slim either. The man in the video has a very common shape of 60+ years old man. FYI Anwar is 64.

7) Janggut/Goatee – In the original version (clear high-definition 22 minutes), the goatee or “Janggut” is very visible. Not only that, even the “mole” or “marking” in Anwar’s face (right cheek, mid face) is also visible.

Only in the 2 minutes youtube low-resolution version, the Janggut can’t be seen clearly. It is actually there, but anwar’s supporters can’t see it.

Thai banner/subtitles – In the original version, there is NO thai “banner” in the video. Ask any of the 20+ journalist who watched it.

No Thai subtitles/words in the original version. It only appears in the low-quality, youtube version.

9) DAP supporters said: “We don’t care if Anwar frequently use prostitute service or not. If he can rule this country, we will vote for him.”

A very stupid statement. If a political leader frequently use prostitute services, he is very likely to relay secret and confidential information about our government, defence & economic information to prostitutes connected with foreign intelligents like CIA, M15

10) PAS supporters said “Distributing & showing porn material to the public IS A CRIME”.

Yes, pornography business & distribution it is a crime. But for revealing that certain political leader is corrupt or have a very low moral (Vijandran, Chua Soi Lek & Anwar), it is not a crime. Everyone including you and me WANT To KNOW the TRUTH because these people are leaders. Leaders should have integrity & honour, not corrupted with prostitues scandals and lies.


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