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Bapak3 Belasah Imam Mahdi PKR

The Mahdi Cometh...Sorry, Wrong Number!

In Islamic teachings, the Mahdi, or The Guided One is the prophesied redeemer who will lead the Muslims' uprising and rule for seven, nine or nineteen years before the Day of Judgment alongside Isa or Jesus, where they will rid the world of wrongdoing, injustice and oppression. His appearance will be somewhere within the end of days, meaning, anytime. He shall be the prophesied one to receive the return of the prophet Isa upon his return at the mosque in Damascus.

The Sunnis and Syiah differ on who the Mahdi will be, Syiah doctrine believe that the Mahdi is their 12th Imam, Muhammad Al Mahdi who disappeared at the age of 5. They believe that he is hidden by God, in the same way as Jesus and will return during the end of days. The Sunnis also believe that the Mahdi comes from the Prophet Muhammad's lineage, Ummi Salamah said, "I heard the Messenger of God say: "The Mahdi is of my lineage and family" Who he will be, nobody can answer but God. Another interpretation relates that the Mahdi will be from both Hassan and Hussein (Prophet Muhammad's grandchildren) families, or an Ahlul-Bayt.

Some scholars believe that the Bible and old testaments too prophesied the coming of the Mahdi, as from The Book of Revelations, the Book of Revelation says: “And I saw and behold a white horse. He that sat on him […] went forth conquering and to conquer.”

But lo and behold! The Mahdi is already here. Although he didn't ride a horse...well, he did ride, but both cases are still on going, so let's keep it down. I guess at the moment, apart from the Sunnis and Syiahs' beliefs, pakatan rakyat has their own interpretation of who the Mahdi will be. What's so surprising, considering that n.ajis is their prophet, Penang is ruled by Khalifah Lim Guan Eng and not to mention, PKR has already painted anwar as "God's gift", although we are not sure whether it's a gift to the jews or just to the LGBT.

There is truth when people said that there is a type of stupidity where nothing can be taught into that thick skull, and I guess that goes to the dingbat who tries to, or simply imply that anwar is the prophesied Mahdi.

Let's take a simple look on the similarities, if there are any. of Mahdi (The Guided One) and Anwar (Forever Misguided):

1) Mahdi: prophesied to be from Prophet Muhammad's descendants.
Anwar: despite having a short Indian Muslim and Malay background, his lineage seems to be a very tightly guarded secret.

2) The Mahdi will be a man who God reformed in one night.
In Anwar's case, 10 plus years have passed, he seemed to be doing the same thing which led him to court again, and in some more advanced, with video.

3) The Mahdi is hesitant and does not really want to be a leader until an allegiance is plead to him in Mekah.
Anwar's lust for power targets the Prime Ministership in any way possible.

4) Some versions relate that the Mahdi will discover the Ark of Covenant somewhere near the banks of the river Tiberius, revealing the relics such as the actual Taurat, and will cause many Israelites and Jews to convert to Islam.

In anwar's case, it's difficult to say. He could've left some treasure at the tumeric store for the forensics to find.

5) Mahdi fights against the Jews and the soldiers of Dajjal alongside ISA A.S.
anwar condemns Israel and then goes on a US Apology Tour to beg for forgiveness and support from jewish lobbyist. Imagine that, a self proclaimed Mahdi bowing to the jews...

5) The rule of Mahdi rids the world from injustice and oppression.
Another point which boggles me, but I do remember anwar and his horsemen of apocalypse went to Kampung Pala in Penang to rid the injustice there. He offered cool, sparkling clear stream in his right hand and a burning hellfire in his left. The people of Kampung Pala accepted the right hand and too late, they were burnt to crisp in his left hand. Yes, they were bamboozled. Wait, thats not the characteristic of the Mahdi, that's more of another character who appears during the end of days to deceive people, and he sees with only one eye...never mind, thats a different story.

Anyway, how do we agree with such a leader who supports US' oppression on Afghanistan and Iraq, and doesn't even blink at the plight of the Palestinians? In fact, why are his good friends such as Al Gore, Wolfowitz and Madeleine Albright strong supporters of Israel and its atrocities on the Palestinians?

So, I have lined up 5 points which I feel simple enough to compare anwar and the prophesied Mahdi. It is odd to see that flaming fool who implied that anwar is Mahdi could say such things when he has so many references available. You have internet, books, prominent and learned scholars such as Imran Hoesin, and so many others, and yet he talks blindly. Does he view things with only one eye?

The Mahdi comes to unite the Muslims, but anwar seems to shatter the Muslims in Malaysia into factions. Actually, if those people who claim that they're most Islamic in Malaysia know, they would've recognized who anwar is; and if they do, they would've stayed away from him instead of conspiring with him.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in the coming of the Mahdi, but I don't think he's the one waving a bent sword, riding a fair china doll, stabbing somebody's...ummm...back and currently waiting for the 9th of January 2012 to see his own fate. Looking at how things are going, the self proclaimed Mahdi might just ride his horse (yes, a real horse) into the sunset and rest his blade (yes, a real sword) and look back to his glory days.

In truth, anwar should really face up to his deeds. He should be able to stomach it and stop bellyaching about it, he should have more guts and accept what's coming, good or bad for him.

To those who are joining the Bebas Peliwat 901, please be informed that rehearsals have been carries out. Please make sure that:

1) If police are keeping calm, provoke by attacking them
2) Once police retaliate, take a lot of pictures (we do hear that western media pays a lot for these pictures)
3) Look for any reason to fall, when you do, make it look as if something violent happen and take a lot of pictures.
4) If not sure what to do, please look and study from those who orchestrates, produces and stars in this type of drama, such as tiang chua, azmin (don't stand in front of him), and maybe some other clowns from pkr.
5) If not enough fake blood supply, please contact mahfuz and ask him to spit some of the sirih pinang juice.
6) Once all done, please collect your payment

If you have time, ask them where the money is from...well, you might just know it already anyway. 

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din berkata...

Ive been following your blog quite sometime. But i think it will be more attract our malay pakatan if its written in bahasa. Just my thought.... Salam

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