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Anwar & The New World Order: No Time For Palestine, Only For Power

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Anwar & The New World Order: No Time For Palestine, Only For Power

"I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel," said Mr. Anwar, although he stopped short of saying he would open diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, a step which he said remains contingent on Israel respecting the aspirations of Palestinians. Malaysia has consistently refrained from establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, although limited commercial ties exist between private companies in the two countries.
The Wall Street Journal Jan. 27th, 2012

And from the political world, I personally liked the news of the high regard that Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim gave to the Jewish State when asked whether he would open diplomatic ties with Israel.
(Article by Michael Ordman, highlighting Israel's latest achievements in the fields of technology, health, business, co-existence and building the Jewish State.
The Jerusalem Post 6th Feb. 2012

Where does he go from here? Anwar claims that he was in Mecca, although there have been disputes. But there is no dispute that he was in Bangkok after that. What a place to go after Mecca...Bangkok...well, let's hope it's not anywhere near Patphong

Many in Malaysia are not actually perplexed with anwar's statement, neither are they surprised by the support by the Jerusalem Post. After all, the Israeli newspaper has long anticipated anwar ascend to the Prime Ministership of Malaysia (Anwar Ibrahim: Malaysia's Future Prime Minister? ) since 2008. After all, anwar introduced the pas for all logo for pas, plagiarized from Israel For All logo. After all, his closest aids and strategists are mostly jews such as Wolfowitz, Cohen and Soros. Anwar has already made waves with his support for LGBT during his interview with the BBC, who strangely he did not sue but tried to scare Utusan Malaysia when they reprinted the story for Malaysians.

I guess that's why anwar embraced the religion of human rights, and force pas to worship his ideology as well. For him, it is better. Maybe he found that religions like Islam points out that a wrong is a wrong, and what its consequences will be. In human rights, a wrong can be a right by promoting it as a basic right for any human to practice it. As a result, the once-self-proclaimed Islamic party is in a dilemma, not sure whether they're coming or going. Now hadi says he's not contesting again. It can be safely said that if hadi retires, pas will safely be taken over by any scmuck who has no inkling on religion, just good at talking. Mat sapu is the proof of that.

But seriously, where is anwar heading? The man who has powerful jewish and/or neo-cons in his sleeves is making remarks against the majority of Malaysia. Even the pakatan spinners are running out of gray matter trying to defend this. Pakatan blogs have tried to deviate by stating that Tun Mahathir and even Malaysia is affiliared to the Zionists, one way or the other. Well, those are pakatan bloggers anyway. Their blogs would've been believable if they write something factual for once.

I was drafting this article in a different vein earlier, but Tun Mahathir wrote a beautiful piece on his blog, precise and straight to the point on what the New World Order has been doing, here.

Anwar Sadat was killed for signing the Camp David Agreement that recognizes Israel. Anwar Ibrahim made that statement in an election year. How does that gain him support for the elections? Even the half awake N.ajis demanded a retraction from anwar. Even former pas leaders like Nasharuddin find themselves boggled. Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has also conveyed the unhappiness over anwar's statement. (Pengkhianatan terhadap Islam, Palestin). It is therefore ironic of anwar to turn his back on Palestine and yet talk about human rights. Then again, since his masters perpetrated the genocide of the Al-Quds (Palestinians), do you actually think anwar would dare criticize them for their treatment of the Palestinians?

I am just guessing that with this statement, anwar will definitely be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, without having to go to elections. To US, Europe and Israel, it will just be a Regime Change exercise. What's so difficult about it? NED has already invested a lot in Anwar and pakatan to sow the seeds of hatred and destruction through pakatan's drama and over-acting to discredit the government, the same method they used in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, currently in Syria, tried but failed in Iran and many other parts of the world. Malaysia is never out of the picture; every country is studied thoroughly and weaknesses will be identified and methids to destroy will be remedied and implemented. If the methods fail, there is always the United Nations which they will use and legitimize their actions. Wolfowitz and Gore are part of the neo-conservatives who called for these regime changes. Even the idiotic Bush agreed to make regime changes before he became the president.

The studies by NED (or their one-eyed owner) revealed that the weakest link in Malaysia has always been the Malays - the never-satisfied lot despite all the subsidies, grants and aid given by the government. They can be succesful at what they do but always green with envy at anything succesful their brethren does. Independence, power to rule and being the majority lulled them to sleep, and the agents for New World Order have managed to splinter the Malays into bits, ousting Islam from the Malays to be replaced by the new religion called "human rights."

With anwar managing to blind his Malay supporters in one eye, the time is ripe for Malaysia to be the next in line for a "regime change." Malaysia will be the next entry into the New World Order. Will we see anwar's supporters go in the same way as what had happened in the Middle East? The west needs no assassin now as the killing can easily be carried out by the nation's own people, like what happened to Suharto and Gaddafi. It can easily be labeled by the west as "People's Rising" and be used to gain support. Once that is done, then anwar shall take his place as the New World Order's Prime Minister of Malaysia, and as usual, the minority shall rule the majority to ensure unrest for decades to come. Malaysia shall take its blood-spattered journey into the age of Pax Judaica. After all, only the Malays can destroy the Malays.

Now why would The New World Order need to do so? It is the simple equation that "all ships must sail together." All must toe the line that US, Europe and Israel have set, or face the painful consequences. Pinochet of Chile failed to toe the line, he was shot and replaced by the odious Pinochet. If the US says stand, you stand; if the US says jump, you say how high. All allegiance will be for only one. But even that is just a tip of the iceberg. The New World Order will actually lead the world to live in a post-Pax America era, which shall be known as Pax Judaica, where the leader shall be the Great Deceiver who sees badly with only one eye. Who else would be the best choice to lead Malaysia who has pledged his allegiance to the human rights, to America and the west and swore his best to defend Israel? You got it, it is anwar.

Anwar has outdone himself this time. For years, he tried to be a stateman, something Tun Mahathir has been with such ease, much to the envy of Anwar. Palestinians, Bosnians and Islamic countries identifies Tun whenever Malaysia is mentioned...just like tuk-tuk drivers identify anwar in certain part of Thailand. anwar has even gobe to the extent of making his bloggers label him as a statesman. I guess he has almost achieved that notoriety when he supported the security of israel, despite sounding more like an estate-man. I wonder if he can walk safely in the streets of Palestine?

Till then, will anwar usurp leadership of Malaysia from the back (ironic, ain't it?), or he might just meet some backlash from the Muslim world over his actions?
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