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Anwar - POKKA of all time

Memang tepat sekali catatan bapak3 dalam blognya tentang Anwar. Walaupun dalam bahasa Inggeris, Kedah Times cedok juga untuk tatapan pelawat Kedah Times.

Kedah Times sependapat dengan Tun Dr Mahathir yang Anwar Ibrahim adalah sesumpah atau senang lagi POKKA yang sentiasa tukar warna.

Bila bersama orang Melayu, warnanya jadi warna lain dari bila bersama Cina, India, Palestin, Israel atau USA. Pokka ini adalah pokka antarabangsa. Bukan pokka tempatan!

Siap boleh jadi pelbagai warna! Anwar .... Anwar ... boleh masuk dalam Guiness book of Record sebagai Pokka yang boleh bertukar pelbagai dan macam-macam warna.

As The Sun Rises From The West, Anwar Rises With One-Eyed?

Perhaps it is true, Anwar must be the Anugerah Tuhan and Mahadi, all in one. He has the power to capture people's mind, and his strength is doubled with the strong support of 3 groups that Muslims have read in the Al-Qur'an and Hadiths:

1) The chosen tribe: Bani Israel, or the Israelites

2) The descendents of a destructive tribe who were at one time enclosed behind a wall between two mountain range. At the chosen time, the wall crumbled and these people came running down from high places. They try to pass themselves off as "The Thirteenth Tribe" of the lost tribes of Israel. In trying to make themselves more Semitic, the brought the tribe in No. 1 above back to a town which was destroyed at one time and forbidden to them. Today, with inter-breeding, Caucasians populate half of the world and controls the world. As the hadith says, only God can destroy these people.

3) At a few times, they were destroyed in apocalyptic punishments; then they were hush-hush about themselves, but now they are slowly gaining power and exerting their power. Yes, they are the perverted tribe who Lot was sent to.

Now who dares to go against somebody who has power endowed by these 3 groups? Even with anwar supporting the safety of Israel, nobody in pakatan dares to challenge it. Even the decrepit n.ajis found himself lacking in balls, at first showing off authority demanding anwar retract the statement, then stating that it is not pas' concern for the statement. Now that's a guy who has been a Menteri Besar of Kelantan for more than 2 decades, proclaim himself as ulama despite his many shortcomings, and tried to pass himself as such a holy man. Of course, if Umno backs Israel, we'll see massive demonstrations and riots, but because it's anwar, nothing goes.

Now why doesn't that surprise me? Seriously, this is the guy who stated that:

i) It is better to be friends with the devil than being with their Muslim brothers in UMNO

ii) It is okay to slander and use cursory foul long as it is not directed at pas...

iii) Funds provided by enemies of Islam, such as for Bersih 2.0 to topple Muslim majority government is allowed because the ends justify its means...also, it enables pas to make money by being federal government officials.

Well, according to the dingbat known as mahfuz omar, n.ajis will be meeting with anwar today to discuss their stand on the Israel issue. Most probably anwar will use his claims that the Palestinian President is okay with it.

In what is labeled as a very unsurprising move, mahfuz has also claimed that theIsrael issue is UMNO's fault and UMNO should apologize. Seriously, dude, I wouldn't blame pas kedah for calling mahfuz stupid, although I prefer the term "intellectually-impaired." Who said what? Who quotation was it in Wall Street Journal? Anwar has repeatedly in the past stated that he is for the establishment of two entities, Israel and Palestine existing together. By stating so, he recognizes Israel and the monstrosity that they wouldn't that contravene the fatwa issued by ulamas of the Islamic world? Why does UMNO has to apologize? Mahfuz should be the one apologizing for his disappearing act during the 2010 floods in Kedah.

N.ajis might be too much of a gutless clod in the Anwar-Israel issue, but Malaysian Muslims seem to be more vocal. So far, we have seen how anwar claims that his car was attacked when he was at a ceramah in Mersing. As usual, he blames UMNO.

Somehow, noticing that this is anwar, along with his spin-master extraordinaire, Saifuddin Nasution, I would take that with a pinch of salt...well, maybe more. Pakatan has always made so much drama about being attacked, jeered and many others. The one eyed, via organizations such as NED taught pakatan very well. Acting, drama and manufactured reports can sell very well abroad. What are the examples? Let's see:

1) It was during Bersih 2.0 that anwar (as usual) claims that he was brutalized by some "thugs." It is strange that he spoke very well after that and before posing as a half dead sodomite, as sown below:

I have to say this again, I'm sorry, but it is always important that anwar must have his followers blinded in one eye, like him. In the same video, you can hear his supporters shouting the Takbir during Bersih 2.0, an event sponsored by a group whose funding also goes to the killing of Palestinians and creating unrest in Islamic countries, where thousands of Muslims are slain.

Accordin to the good doctor who treated anwar's back, anwar is still in pain and should not do any sudden and straining movement...really?

Of course, his back also seems extraordinarily fine with a chinadoll around.

2) Everybody knows Tiang Chua as the loyal bitch...well, maybe better labeled as "Right Hand Man", which better than being at the receiving rear end. One can see his his acting clearly in this video, despite tiang chua's cowardly hesitation. He charges, although always looking back, towards the police, and once the police takes defensive action, commanded his people to snap pictures, then selling to western media as "police brutality."

It is interesting to see that, judging from his cowardly turn arounds, we feel that if he turns around and sees nobody charging with him, he might just flee. He has always been popular with provocation, such as biting and bashing the police. Still, what goes around, comes around. At a ceramah in Gadek, a very frightened tiang chua had to actually ask help from the Police against a hostile reception.

Well, that's what he gets for his racist days.

Anwar will be explaining...or in the process of explaining his stand for Israel to the Majlis Syura Pas today. He will be explaining why he stands firm on it and the consequences that will befall on pas if they don't follow what he says.

What does anwar possess to create so much fear in his his pakatan? Is it his ability to make people vanish? Or is it something to do with his pockets?

Is the one-eyed's favorite pet really rising? He has, after all, qualified and passed through all the western requirements with flying colors. He has supported Israel, got himself sponsors from the west and even made alliances with LGBT? So, when will they make him PM? But is that all enough to make anwar the PM? Is he required to do more? We wouldn't be surprised anymore.

One day, the "sun" will rise from the west...actually, it is in the process right now. So far, poerful nations such as China and Rusia is making it difficult to happen. But the day will come where either both countries will be vanquished physically or certain "regime changes" will happen that make both countries submit to the west.

What's happening in Malaysia has only revealed a more sickening scenario: the cancerous anwar is getting more and more desperate for the west to instigate the "regime change" for him as his popularity plummets down the IWK sewage pipe. In his heart, he might just be shouting that he has supported all the groups that Islam has singled out to be dangerous deviants and perverts, why isn't he a Prime Minister yet? But even support and money coming from jewish-sponsored organizations cannot guarantee anwar will ever be a good leader. Is he that good? Why then did all close friends chose to leave PKR while anwar was busy selecting his family and close friends to become leaders?

The question is also asked on whether Malaysians can see him for what he really is through BOTH eyes and not one eyed like himself and his organization's true boss? There are evidences that Malaysians are finally seeing the truth about anwar, but time will tell.

I'll leave this article with a good video on the rise of the brave and couragous Muslims towards anwar in Gadek.

and on Anwar, this:


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