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HRH YDP Agong Officially Installed...and Kedahans Celebrate ABAI Too

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HRH YDP Agong Officially Installed...and Kedahans Celebrate ABAI Too

It is official; Almu'tasimu Billahi Muhibbuddin Tuanku Alhaj Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah has been officially installed as the 14th DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong in a lavish ceremony filled with Malay traditions. As a Kedahan, we are proud to have the 27th Sultan of Kedah to reign again as the DYMM YDP Agong. He was the 5th Agong who reigned from 1970-1975. Kedah has again created history: it produced 2 Prime Ministers, one who achieved Malaya's independence and the other who brought major development to the country. Now, history notes that, for the first time, the same Sultan of Kedah is elected to the throne of YDP Agong twice in his lifetime, an achievement never attained before.

Many even noted another point of history made, where during Tuanku Abdul Halim's first reign, the Prime Minister was Tun Abdul Razak and during his second, Tun Razak's son, the Prime Minister is Datuk Seri Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak. God is great, his wonders abound and we pray that God will grant Malaysia the peace and prosperity it deserves.

The ceremony was colorful, steeped in tradition and splendour. Of course, there were reports of several opposition MPs making quite a ruckus, poking fun at dignitaries and royalties. Funny how foreign dignitaries can be very polite and dignified while Malaysia's own opposition politicians can act like some diabolical cows. But what can we expect from the sponsored pakatan? PKR is only concerned with Israel's well being, they don't care about Malaysia. The socialist dap...well, there's no need to comment further. I guess Phahrolrazi was a bit more dignified, well, of course he has to be. If anwar's plan to oust azizan goes through, he will have to get in the Agong and Sultan Kedah's good books.

While Kedahans celebrate the installation of their monarch as the new King of Malaysia, they have also been celebrating the arrival of a movement that has been going strong: A.B.A.I. or Asal Bukan Anwar Ibrahim. You can find posters of ABAI appearing almost everywhere, even in pas' stronghold areas. You can even see one at the TNB sub-station at the airport in Kepala Batas. Yes, it's not new, Kedahans just simply hate anwar ibrahim.

Maybe anwar shouldn't have supported Israel. He should've realized that he is not supporting the same Israel owned by the semitic Insraelites which were mentioned by the Al-Qur'an. He is supporting a non-semitic secular state created by the descendents of the tribe who were walled-up behind a barrier between 2 great range.

Anwar might not be surprised with pas' very own support for ABAI in Kedah. After all, anwar did, and is still, trying to oust the ulama faction in pas from the party. In fact, Kedahans are not even surprised with pas' ulama faction giving its full and yet hidden support to get rid of the israel-supporting and foreign-ngo-sponsored anwar. Many in pas Kedah can never forgive anwar and his cohorts for trying to derail azizan.

At the moment, anwar has been reported to be very disturbed by the movement, yet seems calm like a rabbi on a saturday. Not surprising, he has been taught well by organizations such as NED and NDI (who brought us turmoils in Middle East and death of Gaddafi) to act calm, but everybody can see from his face how dark and stormy his mind is. For anwar's wannabe leaders of Kedah, anwar's seemingly indifference to the ABAI movement is not giving them sweet dreams. Mahfuz and even phahrolrazi are worried that the ulama faction will oust them in the next general election via ABAI, which will destroy any chances for any of them to be the next MB. Even mat sapu, who can be seen hopping on and off Firefly Airlines to Kedah scouting for suitable areas to contest might find this disturbing. For a wife-grabbers like him who has been rejected by Kelantan, he will face an uphill battle to convince the many ulama faction of pas Kedah on why he should contest in Kedah. We would strongly suggest him to contest in Penang, but then again, with his bleak history and dark secrets at that he might try to hide, may we suggest Johor then?

Of course, there's also Johari Abdul, PKR MP of Sungai Petani. Then again, he is lost cause, with his penchant of self destruction and inability to utter a single word of truth, I think he goes down even without ABAI.

Maybe anwar shouldn't have been so high-handed in getting rid of the ulama faction of pas. Hassan Ali's ceramah in Sungai Petani was attended by...well, there were more people there compared to those who attended the pakatan rakyat convention in Kedah a few months ago. I would've compared it to Nasir Mustafa's (Kubang Rotan - PAS) ceramah in Langkawi, but I don't want people to injure themselves laughing. The ulama faction is still smarting from Hassan Ali's expulsion from his position.

Even anwar's attempt at painting a bad image of a Kedahan businessman, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary via his beautified daughter, Nurul Izzah, backfired when more Kedahans loathing anwar and his family more than ever...while Gardenia is always sold out in most parts of Kedah. Without Syed Mokhtar's double tracking project and the Durian Burung project made pas Kedah look as if they are busy in the development of Kedah, even when pas is actually sleeping on the job. The pas state government of Kedah has, in the past 3 years, been warming up to Syed Mokhtar, and nurul izzah's statement might just give them a black eye and a backlash.

With ABAI gaining momentum in Kedah, embraced by so many, anwar is left with a weak piping time of peace. He will now have to orchestrate a tight control on his visits to Kedah to avoid any embarrassing moment. I guess, even while watching the installation of the new King, he was wondering why he is not on the throne yet. In fact, I can guess that he's wondering where is the regime change that he has ordered for Malaysia, and where are the jewish-sponsored NGOs? Maybe they're busy campaigning ABAI as well.

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