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Himpunan : Berkat atau tidak

Pelat Kelantan kedengaran waktu sembahyang Jumaat di Masjid Bukhary. Sepanjang jalan kedengaran ramai bercakap pelat Kelantan.

Kenapa angkut seluruh Malaysia datang ke Kedah?

Apakah sudah takut Kedah bakal dirampas?

Petangnya hujan dan angin kuat. Apakah petanda Allah tidak merestui perhimpunan yang nampaknya sudah menjadi satu keegoan kepada juak-juak PAS?

Kita teruskan membaca dari bapak3.

Three Wise Men And The Hijaukan Putrajaya Crap

There were a lot of grumblings and complaints today by so many. The traffic mayhem on all roads leading to the stadium was horrendous. The weekend schedules were heavily affected: trips to kenduris, family outings, shopping trips and many more faced delays and interruptions. There was even a complaint that the severe jams caused a groom to arrive almost 2 hours after the scheduled time of the kenduri. What to do? All of this is caused by pas' one-eyed design to capture Putrajaya with their latest scheme known as Himpunan Hijaukan Putrajaya.

Yes, yes, I understand the irony. They have turned the water-catchment area from green to barren brown with their logging activities, now they want to "green" Putrajaya. Of course, we haven't touched on the greens that were involved in their party campaign that led to the victory to the erdogans yet. Perhaps they are trying to cover up the fact that they have so many members who turn up for their greens by Felda despite trying to sabotage it. Of course, it could also be that they have been green with envy with the multi-success of Malaysia in boosting the economy.

By now, everybody has already known the fact that Kedah was chosen as the venue as pas has felt that Kedah is losing from their grip fast after all the debacle the pas-led-state government did to the state.

It's hard for me to accept pas "greening" Putrajaya. A group of people who places politics above religion, uses religion to split the ummah, supports a man who, in his last for power, supports and is supported by the enemies of Islam and whose main agenda in using Islam is just to win votes while the Muslims and Malays fight with each other.

If the venue is in Kedah, why are there so few Kedahans? Did pas snub Kedahans from going to the event? Or did they instruct their members from other states to attend because they already know that Kedahans prefer not to go? I saw about 18 buses with pas banners in front of the stadium and Wisma Negeri, about 7 in front of Wisma Darulaman and 5 more driving around, and none of them are from Kedah. Most cars at the stadium are from Kelantan, some from Pahang, Selangor and Johor. I guess Kedahans, if there are any, park somewhere else. It's a good thing to know that the traders around there are locals. Finally, something to boost economy and tourism.
Let's hope they hang around tomorrow for shopping at Pekan Rabu.

Perhaps pas should learn more about Kedah and its people. Friday is a weekend, they love to stay at home. During school holidays they love to travel, and those who don't, usually spend their time going to kenduris after Friday prayers. They also hate traffic jams on Fridays because it interrupts a lot of their daily schedule. Because of the havoc created by the outsiders, most Alor Setar residents refrained from going out today.

Don't get me wrong, residents of Alor Setar do go about for activities at the stadium, usually taking their family for tea at the park in from of the stadium, or just simply relaxing there. The football season, depending on how well Kedah team did, will see a huge turnout at the stadiums, and these are really locals. The Hari Penyayang by Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah sees huge turnouts every year. But pas' Hijau Putrajaya is really different: it has nothing to do with Kedah. It was just a performance of an illusion, to show as if Kedahans are behind pas. Well, we know anwar is behind pas too, but that might just worry them.

We can understand pas' worry nationally: The Imam of Masjidil Haram Sheikh Dr Sulaiman Saloomi has stated clearly that pas is nothing more than another political party, garnering a highly suspect method of using religion to win votes while ensuring the ummah remains fighting amongst another. This reflects Sheikh Imran Hosein who stated in the same vein. Pas' methods placed their party as pariahs by their own design. Having the Stadium Darulaman filled with put-of-state fanatics, guarded by terrorists (they used to be known as Unit Amal) is not really what we can term as "voter-friendly."

Early this morning I had a visit by three wise young men dressed in green t-shirts with the Hijau Putrajaya design. They graciously invited me (and the other irritated neighbors) to the event with a tinge of "if you don't go, you are not Muslim" remark. I just told them that, as my responsibility in Islam, I cannot support Jews, which left them stirred. But a further few minutes being lambasted about Islam, anwar ibrahim, the one-eyed's design in what is happening to the Muslim countries seem to left them shaken, chuffed and dumb-founded. They could at least send people with intelligence to go and invite people instead of these boys. I could have sworn I saw those boys popping panadol at the Indian grocery shop as I was driving to the mosque for Friday prayers.

To pas, the game is up. Those who think know that pas has nothing to do with Islam. It is just a party desperate for power, and trying to blind the eyes of Kedahans. The more they follow anwar, bit by bit, feet by feet, mile by mile, the more they become a pawn in the one-eyed's game. To those three twits who came this morning...well, I don't think they read this blog anyway. Based on their intelligence, they don't fit reading Kedah La Nie either. Perhaps they should read the much inferior and less paid Kedah La.


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