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Himpunan hijau bertukar jadi himpunan Sampah

Tak sanggup Kedah Times melihat sampah yang ditinggalkan oleh perserta himpunan hijau PAS yang rata-rata datang dari negeri luar.
Mungkin di negeri mereka, mereka bebas untuk membuang sampah. Tapi kami di Kedah bukan begitu. 

Ingatkan 'Green' menjadi simbolik alam sekitar, rupanya 'green' atau Hijau PAS adalah himpuan sampah dan kekotoran.

The Hijaukan Putrajaya Garbage In Kedah...And I Really Mean, Garbage

Another day has passed, and much to the delight of Alor Setar residents, the troublesome event known as Hijaukan Putrajaya is over. With today being a holiday, azizan and pas Kedah can be thankful that the event is not held today, or they might just see a revolt bigger than bersih can ever hold and even their terrorists who used to be known as Unit Amal might just leave their balls behind.

We understand that pas is currently patting themselves in the back as they see it as a success. The pas Kedah, on the other hand, has a very daunting mystery to solve, on the absence of Kedahans during the events.But I don't think the Kedah pas leaders really care: azizan is leaving, and the MB wannabes like mahfuz, amiruddin and phahrolrazi are too busy lobbying with the central leaders.

A success to pas? What about for the residents of Alor Setar? There were so much anger created by the event, especially from people who lives within the radius of the stadium. As can be seen in the map, the area marked by the yellow/orange box/circle fared the worst, with vehicles coming from all around Malaysia blocking their entrances. There were many who were blocked from going for their Friday prayers, and there was also a family who were blocked from going off for their holiday. The unit amal twits who were directing traffic didn't even bother to let the drivers know that they were blocking the neighborhood from doing their daily affairs. I was also informed that things almost got ugly in Jalan Tengku Abdul Halim when a participant became angry when a house-owner requested that he park his car somewhere else and not block his house entrance. Luckily the driver moved away when the neighbors came out. Even the unit amal tried to defend the dtiver in blocking the entrance. Well, what do you expect when terrorists control the roads?

There were some residents who questioned the unit amal chaps who seem to be directing people to park directly in front of their gates. I must say that the majority of the people in this area are pensioners who spends their time with their family and grandchildren and doing more ibadah, and the pas supporters might just be too stupid to think about other people...but then again, if they do, they will actually be preaching on Islam, isn't it? The areas in the blue box were affected, although not too bad compared to the other. Most people in Alor Setar had to divert to a longer route in going to places like banks, mosques, kenduris and even hypermarkets. Many were irritated, but there's nothing much they can do because it is their state government who planned it so badly.

Still on the matter of Kedahans being absence from the event, the out-of-state-pas supporters left Kedahans a palpable gift. I took these pictures aroound 4.30pm, and despite the E-Idaman workers cleaning the area since morning, you can still see the gifts lying around, all around the stadium. Curiously, there were pages upon pages of Harakahkahkah lying scattered on the ground. I remember those days when pas used to treat the tabloid as part of their holy of the holies. I guess now pas treats harakah as what we have always known: garbage. We know that E-Idaman has always been slow to pick up garbage from our houses, looks like now we have to wait some more as the litter around the stadium still needs to be cleared. 

Wait, with all those crap left by pas (physically, not the program), shall we tell anwar to send his jewish-sponsored bersih team and clean it up? Hey, at least they'll be doing an actual Bersih job compared tothe acts of terrorism they did in KL. It's not that I really want to make this wordplay but, what's the point of "greening" Putrajaya when leave so much pollution, both socially and physically in Kedah?

Kedahans generally are very reasonable and literally quite liberal, as one old man I met at Jalan Mahkota said, "Nak buat apa pon, kalau tak kacau oghang takpa la, ni sampai pi masjid, nak pi kendughi, nak pi tengok anak cucu pon tak boleh, bangsa agama apa depa ni?" ("We don't care what you want to do, as long as it does not disturn people, but barring people from going to the mosque, kenduris and visiting our children and grandchildren, what sort of religion do these people profess?). I overheard One furious old Chinese man was venting his anger at the coffeeshop: he lives off Jalan Stadium on the road that goes to Jabatan Pendidikan Kedah, and he was blocked as well. He was only able to go out after 10:00p.m., and he was heard saying this: "Itu stadium baru kat Suka Menanti ada, lagi banyak tempat, itu kompleks Gunung Keriang ada, sana itu Dewan Wawasan (Jitra) pun ada, lagi mau buat ini tempat. Bagi semua orang susah. Banyak bodo punya orang" (You have the new stadium at Suka Menanti, with bigger area, you have the complex in Gunung Keriang, there's Dewan Wawasan (Jitra) over there, but they still want to do it here. Making people's life difficult. Idiots."

I do understand the anger, but try to look at it from pas' perspective: with Kedah slipping out from their grasp. with problems from logging, ignored infrastructure to the Waqf land issue, pas needed a show of force, and it was really a show manufactured to fool people. I guess pas tried to show that they are strong in Kedah, but in the end, pas was angered by the absence of Kedahans and in return, Kedahans, especially Alor Setar residents, were angered by pas' disregard to Kedahans' daily affairs and religious obligations. Kedahans has now really seen what pas has always been: un-Islamic and self-centered.


Tanpa Nama berkata...

Hangpa bukan penah pikiaq macam mana nak bagi orang melayu dan ahli umno bawahan keluaq dari miskin.hangpa kira dengan retorik dan tembolok hangpa saja. Mentang2 hangpa soru tak penah miss sebab ada pencen tetap bulan2. Leceh la hangpa ni, geng2 umno yang keja siang malam hidup merempat kat kanpung. senang lagi hidup ahli2 pas dan pkr padahai kami yang kempen kat depa sampai depa boleh dok dalam majlis tertinggi.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Tergamak hangpa no biaq kami ahli-ahli umno kat bawah ni hidup merempat, hangpa seronok saja dok makan sedap-sedap kat majlis tok mokhzani la,tok latt la, tok mukhriz la, tok bashah la tapi kat kampung ni nak cari sesuap nasi kat anak bini kami sampai sekerat mampuih. Padahai kami ni dok dalam umno lama lagi dari hangpa. Tergamak hangpa no bila kami mintak tolong nak hidup tapi hangpa tuduh kami pemalas padahai kami keja siang malan cuma hangpa saja tak bagi peluang untuk kami. 4 tahun sekali hangpa mai la jenguk kami bagi 400 ringgit. Hangpa buat kami macam sampah betoi,mentang2 kami ni miskin. sampai hati hangpa ya!!!

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