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Kedah La - Following The Footsteps of the One Eyed

I was reading with such interest, an article by Saiburi Sudin(?) in Kedah La (Click here ). Yes, yes, I know, there'll be some questions on why I go and read some tabloid blog like Kedah La. Well, what can I say? I love comedy. Kedah La claimed that there is a battle between pro-UMNO bloggers, between those who are paid and those who get nothing.
My close encounter (or something like that) with a member of Kedah La was last year when I attended the rally to save Madrasah Salihiah. The event ended at 5p.m., and Kedah La's cameraman came at around 5:30p.m. which is, after almost everybody left. After he took several pictures, he literally ran off. As expected, Kedah La published the picture with an article belittling the rally (Click here ). If they want to publish the truth, you guessed it, they could've arrived about an hour earlier.

I do go and read other blogs, even if they are pro-pakatan, although usually for entertainment. Saiburi Sudin, from what I have gathered, is quite exceptional: he never knows the meaning of fear...and if he actually paid attention in school, he would've understood the meaning of more words contained in the dictionary. In fact, that article was met by laughter even by my pro-pas friends. An article like that, coming from Kedah La, a team of spinners, with salary and travel allowance paid in full monthly and operating from their cushy office at Wisma Darul Aman. Plus, they get to attend every state level meeting as well. Well, maybe Kedah La can be categorized as hack journalism at best.

In today's political scenario of uncertainty, almost all parties have their own set of bloggers. I actually sat down with Kedah Dap's paid bloggers last week, as they lament the attitude of azizan and hoping for people like phahrolrazi or amirrudin to kick him out as soon as possible. Apart from that, they were quite happy to see how easy some pas excos can be controlled, ensuring new entertainment outlets to be opened in Kedah.

We have to understand their position. The pro-UMNO bloggers, and even the independent ones have been in unison in attacking pas Kedah, opening cans of whoop-ass after another. The illegal loggings, the water supply fiasco, the incredibly rotting infrastructure, the less than zero development, the in-fighting among exco members and the entertainment outlet boom, these are slapping them in the face en masse. With the ceramahs by pakatan getting lesser and lesser attendance, where crickets make more noise, pas and the rest of pakatan are pressing their panic buttons. Bloggers like Kedah La, stand to lose their cushy office, free computers and broadband, and salaries/allowances if pas falls in the next general election. To counter the on-coming on-slaught, they tried the oldest trick in the book: psychological warfare by pitting one group against the other. It's bad enough that there's already warfare between pas bloggers who are paid by pas leaders vying for the MB seat, they try to pass on their germs to others.

There is no secret amongst pro-UMNO bloggers: the Team Media Kedah is established by UMNO, while the rest like Kedah Times, AloqSetaq and many others including me, operate independently. So, what is Kedah La complaining about? He kneels and worships his paymaster, who in turn worships anwar and his sponsors, who in turn worship the one-eyed. With the fight for the MB's seat expanding to 6 pas leaders, there is already enough battles and bad blood between pas bloggers, each of them paid, as each try to promote their paymaster. Even those bloggers were at one time, frustrated individuals who failed to get what Kedah La is getting since 2008. In short, if one of those leaders gets to be MB, the present team of Kedah La will be scrapped, replaced by those in favor. 
Seriously man, Kedah La, a team of magnificently sponsored, well paid, writers trying to put a wedge between pro-UMNO bloggers, give me a break. Try writing the truth for once, instead of what the one-eyed wants. Does Kedah La ever write in support of Islam? Of course not, they are pakatan people, who receive sponsorship from the same piggy bank that is used to ensure Palestinians are killed and the Muslim world remain in shambles.


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