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Karpal hanya Alat LKS & LGE

Ramai totok PAS berkata yang menentang hudud dan negara Islam hanya Karpal Singh sahaja. Tetapi realitinya karpal hanyalah 'loud speaker' kepada DAP dalam isu ini.

Perancang strategi dan agenda sebenar adalah Lim Kit Siang dan Lim Guan Eng. Mereka tidak kecoh dalam isu hudud kerana undi orang Melayu yang cuba ditarik DAP.

Biar Karpal sahaja yang berkokok, tetapi mereka berdua mendiamkan diri demi mengelirukan totok PAS bahawa hanya segelintir sahaja dalam DAP yang tidak menyokong hudud dan negara Islam.

Walhal, misi dan visi DAP diletakkan oleh LKS, LGE dan Godfather mereka di Singapura. Karpal sebagai Pengerusi DAP dilantik sebagai 'Pembesar Suara' dalam mencanangkan isu hudud ini.

Kedah Times menyeru totok PAS agar melihat ' The Big Picture' atau dari aspek 'Helicopter view' perancangan sebenar DAP dalam isu Islam dan Hudud. DAP hanya menjadikan PAS dan Melayu PKR sebagai alat dalam mencapai 'GRAND AGENDA' sebenar mereka. Iaitu menjadikan Malaysia sebagai negara sekular dan samarata dalam segala segi/bidang. 

Mentor mereka ialah Singapura.


DAP strongman Karpal Singh may not be so strong now as he fights PAS on the Hudud laws alone…minus the backing of the party’s ‘emperor and son’…who do not even say any word on the issue.
Both Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng did not utter a word and did not even send any sign of supporting Karpal as the two struggle to maintain the support of the Malays towards the party for the coming general election.

The two do not want to rock the boat – the loose alliance of three opposition parties – which is now looking like the boat is going to break under a heavy storm.

The difference in political ideology and agenda have always been the stumbling block for the two parties whose leaders got together just for the sake of trying to dethrone BN.

They have never given a thought of how they would rule if…this is only if…..they are voted into power…one go left while the other goes right…no middle path.

DAP’s chauvenistic stand is crystal clear and the party will not waver from its struggle which it has pursued since the beginning and PAS is also the same despite internal strife between the now liberals and old fundamentalists.

In trying to sustain Malay support, both the Lims – father and son – stay out of the Hudud laws issue and allow Karpal to make the necessary noise, reflecting in reality their stand, that is the party’s stand.

Karpal is just a tool used by the father and son to tell PAS off so that PAS will not blame the two if anything happens on their politicla relationship – only Karpal is to be blamed and Karpal after all is not an asset to DAP – he is not Chinese.

So Karpal goes on the ‘rampage’ against PAS’ Hudud laws while the two father and son keep a close relationship with PAS to maintain PAS’ support in the election. Without PAS’ members and supporters support, DAP would lose quite a number of seats where the Malays are the deciding votes.

And DAP is going on the ‘good cop bad cop’ method just so the PR boat they all are in (including the weakest party among them PKR) will not sink due to differences in ideologies struggles.

DAP knows that the party is viewed by the Malays as chauvinistic and thiss may not go well for the coming general election and the party cannot depend on the Malays it has to garner the Malay voters.

The Malays the has so far are non-leaders of the Malay community, opportunists looking for platform to highlight themselves for ‘revenge against Umno’ rather than pursuing the cuase of the party.

That is why the Malay leaders in DAP also shy away from talking about Hudud laws and Karpal is all alone in the ‘battle against PAS’ and this, despite knowing the two Lims are using him and the Malays in the party shying away from him, Karpal has no choice but to accept the reality that he is not a Chinese.

Whatever he does for the two Lims, he only hope that the two Lims will not abdnadon his two sons who are depending on the mercy of the father and son to keep their seats in the coming general election.


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