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After 4 years, where are they?

Foreign investors continue to show interest to locate their operations in Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) in Kedah.

Muhamad Sobri Osman, President of Kulim Technology Park Corp Sdn Bhd (KTPC), the developer of the park, said it was in talks with four multinational corporations (MNCs) involved in the solar power, biotechnology and diamond manufacturing, which had shown interest to invest more than RM1 billion to set up their businesses in the park.

He expects the deals to materialise this year or next.
KTPC, which has drawn some RM2.2 billion in investments over the past two years, is set to expand its land area to encourage more investments into the park.

KTPC has started the process to acquire an additional 450 acres for Phase 4 of the industrial zone development, which has already obtained a Federal allocation of RM 80 million for the land acquisition, Sobri said.

Meanwhile, to enhance security in KHTP, a police station, currently being built, is expected to be ready by August 2011 according to Sobri.

The hazardous material vehicle and mass decontamination treatment facility at Kulim Hospital, in KHTP is also at the final stage of its upgrading, he added.
Haji Sobri,
  Where are the MNCs? Selected government agencies such as JBA, Tenaga, TM, JKR etc are often called if there are new interested MNCs to invest in KHTP, under the old management. But after 4 years, what has happened. Not a single call was made to those agencies to meet those potential investors. Or you already know everything so that you can explain to the investors the facilities being managed by those agencies without their present!.
  We have heard the acquisition of extra land quite some time ago. You just carry on what was planned before. And the money! herrm If you are so good, why need federal money?
  Is it true that you always question the purpose on KHTP being set up? If you don't know the answer, you should go and see Tun Dr Mahathir. Or just resign; why need to be there where you don't even know the purpose of KHTP being there.


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